Calhoun Koenig, Dennis Haskins, Kaiti Wallen, Tom Sizemore
The main theme of our film, where Harley Wallen sits in the chair of the writer and director and has 28 film awards and 13 film nominations, is the concept of two young women, a worried father, and the concept of good and evil competing with each other since the beginning of time. Amanda is one of the two young women who are in trouble, and these two young women, who are just victims of this trouble, suddenly find themselves suspicious.
When this happens, Amanda's father interferes with the situation and decides to investigate things in depth. But as we go deeper into the events, it turns out that nothing is as it seems and this trouble gets over them. However, the work is not limited to this and the concepts of good and evil, which have been competing since the beginning of history, begin to enter with all their strengths. Now there is only one question in mind; Will these two young women survive such a deep conspiracy and power struggle?