The Amazing Spider-Man


Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Irrfan Khan, Rhys Ifans
Bob Parr, who struggles with the evils that exist in the world and tries to protect people from evil things, is world famous under the name of animation hero Mr Incredible. After a while, he complained that his life was so tiring and wanted to retire. Together with his wife and children, he passes into a calmer and more ordinary life style. He soon gets bored with this order because a job like insurance does not cut him much.
The universe hears its intentions and desires and a message is sent to it. He now has a secret mission on an island. One of the greatest superheroes of his time, Bob Parr, Mr. It is known as Incredible. Bob, who saves people and fights evil, takes his hand off his feet. Bob, who started to live quietly with his family under a special program, takes a special task after 15 years. However, when things don't go as expected, Bob's wife and children are also involved. Not only Bob, countless innocent people are also in danger…
You can watch the Amazing Spider-Man in one piece or the Amazing Spider-Man 2012 in one piece.
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