Captain Marvel


Ben Mendelsohn, Brie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson
Carol Danvers is a fighter pilot in the American army and is trained for secret missions and difficult conditions. Carol and her colleague Maria are the only female fighter pilots in the army and they have a lot to prove. So Carol cheats in her final exams in the army and prefers to fly from an undiscovered area, but Carol's plane is attacked, damaged, and forced to land in an emergency precisely in this area. Carol and his doctor, the commander, barely get rid of the accident, but the spaceship attacking them descends and Carol's life changes completely at this point.
Because the incoming aliens are close to the world border with advanced technology called Kree and they are not friendly at all. But Kree commander kidnaps her instead of killing Carol and trains her like a Kree. Six years have passed, and Carol does not remember neither humans nor her original planet. But when she gets trained by the Kreees and goes to her first mission, Carol experiences another unfortunate event and finds herself on the planet Earth again, and it's time for Carol to face terrible facts and make a choice! The Avengers will be the critical name of the last game movie. With a legendary story and a legendary staff. - Captain Marvel - Watch Captain Marvel Full HD Movie