NASA and SpaceX collaboration: Robot Hotel!


As a result of the NASA and SpaceX cooperation, a great deal was signed. A ‘Robot Hotel bir (RiTS) was built next to the International Space Station. The launch was successful with SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. Those interested followed the launch with a live broadcast on YouTube.
Robot Hotel will play a key role in the future
The Protective Storage Unit (RiTS) is considered a major step forward for research on the Moon, Mars and beyond. RiTS, also called NASA's Robot Hotel, will be used for the storage of the vehicles to be used during the studies and for the accommodation of astronauts.

Protective Storage Unit mounted outside International Space Station; will protect the technological, robotic instruments stored in it from ambient radiation and other physical threats.

RiTs, which will also maintain the RELL Surface Leak Detector, sent to the Space Station in 2015, will ensure its functionality by keeping the device at the ideal temperature.

SpaceX live broadcast viewed live with launch
The company also gave the opportunity to follow previous projects simultaneously. The work with Falcon 9, SpaceX's commercial launch vehicle, could be traced through this live broadcast.