Billy Burke, Kristen Stewart, Matt Bushell, Robert Pattinson, Sarah Clarke
Twilight 1 - Twilight
The film is produced in 2008 and its release date is 2009, it is American, and Catherine Hardwicke sits in the director's chair. The master director has a 27-year career and has managed to fit 18 movies and series in his career.
What is the Director of the Twilight Movie and the Cast?
Twilight 1, where he sits in the seat of Catherine Hardwicke, is one of the best films that made its mark in 2009. And the Twilight movie continued in series as 4 episodes. Beautiful actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson share their main roles. Kristen Stewart's name in the movie is Isabella Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson's name in the movie is Edward Cullen.
What is the Movie Topic?
Bella Swan is a 17-year-old high school girl, one day her mother and father decide to end their marriage and get divorced. Later, his mother Renée marries someone else and Bella moves to her father Charlie, Forks, a small and rainy town in Washington.
Bella, unlike her peers, is a different girl, more precisely not an ordinary girl, she does not hesitate to have fake relationships and intimacy with insincere groups of friends.
Bella will meet her mysterious and handsome classmate Edward Cullen, who will later learn that she is one hundred and eight years old, and looks 17 from the outside. Edward Cullen has an interesting charm, since Bella first sees her interest in it. But there is something Bella does not understand, whenever she tried to approach Edward, somehow Edward tries to keep the distance. But it doesn't take too long, Edward, who no longer sees Bella as a threat anymore, stops giving up on Bella's intimacy and falls in love with each other passionately.
But after three nomadic vampires named James, Victoria and Laurent come to their place of residence, Bella is noticed by these foreign vampires. Edward's family immediately realizes that the life of the boy is in danger. Together with Edward, her entire family, Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and Emmett try to avoid bringing vampires closer to Bella, and mobilize to protect Bella's life. Not much time left, Bella's prospect of vampires upset Edward as much as the family, and they fight with vampires with all their might.
Bella learns that handsome Edward has never aged since 1918 when she thinks her life couldn't be better than this!
Is Twilight Movie a movie adapted to the cinema?
Twilight series is the adaptation of the famous writer Stephenie Meyer's book that sells millions of sales and overturns sales records. He also turned Stephenie Meyer's authorship and scripting power to the world by upsetting the movie's record records. There are new books that Meyer is currently writing, and it seems that new films that will be adapted from the new books of this talented author will take their place in the world of cinema. It is not known whether Meyer's new stories are in Twilight success, but it is also known that Meyer does not do ordinary works.
Of course, besides not only Meyer's writing skills, the cast of Twilight is also very talented and strong characters. Along with the actors' adaptation to the story, the harmony and artisticness formed from this are also one of the elements that take the Twilight movie among the legendary films.
How many parts does the Twilight series consist of?
  • Twilight 1 - as other parts of the Twilight movie
  • Twilight series
  •  consists of 5 sections.
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