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find a lawyer new york Our registered newyork lawyers have represented clients regarding the full range of New York Trust and Estate issues including Probate and Intestate Administration proceedings, Estate Administration, Kinship matters, Will Contests, Fiduciary Accountings, Trusts, and Estate taxes. I have also assisted clients with New York Surrogate’s Court proceedings relating to problems such as a spouse’s elective share, discovery of decedent’s assets and breach of fiduciary duty. It is very common that a relative dies and the family needs immediate help to probate a Will to obtain the appointment of an Executor or an Estate Administrator. Other frequent concerns involve the protection of a decedent's assets where there is a breach of fiduciary duty or a Will needs to be contested. As a New York estate planning attorney, I am always appearing in the Surrogate's Court throughout New York to represent my client's interests and promote the settlement of estate affairs.

Many estates face complex problems which I work hard to resolve. One particular area of concern is real estate. There are numerous instances where a decedent’s real estate is occupied by relatives or tenants who must be removed so that the property can be sold. I have represented clients in many eviction cases. I provide full service representation concerning all aspects of estate and trust matters from the inception of a probate and administration case through the sale and closing of real estate, cooperative apartments and business interests and ending with estate settlement and beneficiary distribution. Full service is the key to efficiency and client satisfaction especially when helping clients deal with an estate of a relative or a friend. I appreciate the personal and emotional impact these cases present.

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