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GuideGoo The aim of all institutions in Europa and all the World, the organization and the contact details of the company is to provide the most current version and benefit the users free of charge. "Europan's most comprehensive directory" state in 2018 with the claim that the site began publication ready in 81 provinces and located thousands of districts in 958 districts, neighborhoods, streets and more than 3 million companies on streets, institutions, organizations and aims to include contact information for the venue ..

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All information contained in GuideGoo.Com is taken from the relevant Chambers of Commerce, Governmental Official Websites and Official Authorized Reference Websites. For example; The official website of the Ministry of National Education for Schools was used as a reference, or the official websites of the chambers of commerce, for example, for Keychains and Locksmiths, were used as references. The user is obliged to check the accuracy of the information. GuideGoo.Com is not obliged to check the accuracy of the information. In addition to contact information such as address, telephone, fax, email and website, GuideGoo.com also includes a coordinate information for each added record. In this way, we know how many high schools in the province, which companies are on the street and offer them to our visitors. The interactive maps in GuideGoo guide the consumer on how to get to the address of the business that they want to reach, and visitors can also learn from the directions pages how to get to the business from any point.

GuideGoo installs catalogs or promotional videos to registered businesses, allowing customers to better promote themselves. How we collect and update our data Our data, chambers of commerce, trade registry newspaper, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, web sites, member data entries and so on. we collect from many sources. We analyze this data and update it periodically. We continuously monitor and improve our data and update methods. As a result of data collection and updating, our database is growing and updated every day. guidegoo's ultimate goal is the most detailed, covering the whole Turkey, to create a local directory database. Our site's only source of income is advertising revenue, and all information presented to the end user on our site is free and anonymous.