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Batman Begins Movie 2005


Batman Begins Movie 2005

In many ways, Batman Begins was the film that put Christopher Nolan into the general public's gaze, lifting him up from arthouse darling to one of the most culturally-distinguished and acclaimed filmmakers of our times. Batman Begins wasn't the movie that fully made that transition just yet (that film was set to come in just a few short years), but it was this superhero film that announced Nolan's presence in a major way.

Batman Begins Movie 2005

And it was the movie that turned this rising British director into a staple of ambitious blockbuster filmmaking in Hollywood, allowing him to make movies on bigger, bolder scales and become one of the most influential storytellers of the early 21st century. That is a hell of a lot for a mere superhero origin story to accomplish.

Meant to turn Batman's tarnished reputation after the ill-fated Batman & Robin into something worthy of the legendary comic book character, Batman Begins was a revisionist take on the origin story of this classic hero, allowing the Dark Knight to become something that was both more grounded and more thematically dense that your typical light-hearted superhero affair.

The resulting 2005 film became a cornerstone for how the ever-expanding superhero genre was set to shine (or, rather, darken) in the next ten to fifteen years, giving validity to the notion that men in tights could also be richly-realized and intellectually-stimulating characters through which broader social, political commentary could be infused on a major scale in Hollywood.

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