Christopher Nolan's All Movies, Best Movies


In a little over two decades, Christopher Nolan has gone from being a micro-budget independent filmmaker in London shooting his directorial debut on the weekends to one of the most respected and revered directors in Hollywood and across the globe. It was no easy feat.

The filmmaker is one of the rare directors working today who can sell a movie based solely on name recognition alone, and that mark of quality craftsmanship that comes with each of his movies is one of the few assurances in a changing Hollywood landscape. In short, Christopher Nolan is one of our truly great filmmakers.
That's why we're taking this time to celebrate him by looking back on all ten of his feature films, which have culminated into an incredible career — filled with films both big and small, expansive and intimate, visually stunning and intellectually stimulating. It is an enviable career, to be certain, and one that doesn't come about readily for most people in the movie-making business. It takes a lot of passion, wit, skill and care to make the movies that Christopher Nolan creates, and it's clear that this level of respect and dedication has earned him a great career.