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Following Movie 1998

Everyone had to get their start somewhere. For Christopher Nolan, his first brush at feature filmmaking came through the humble efforts that created Following, a lean, intriguing, intensely small-scale, micro-budget independent movie shot for 15 minutes on Saturdays throughout the course of three to four months and made on a small budget of $6,000 (which is basically less than the catering budget of any of his current works). While it doesn't quite reach the heights of his other, better movies, it's certainly easy to see why this early film paved the way for what came next.

It's a fractured narrative that follows a nondescript 20-something whose habit of following people throughout London results in some dangerous, high-stakes conclusions when he interacts with the wrong people. Following doesn't carry the director's smooth visual style, favoring a sort of French New Wave black-and-white vibe as the handheld camera frantically and intently follows our directionless lead throughout the perils that define his adventure.

Nevertheless, Following benefits nicely from sharp performances, a nicely-honed screenplay and smart low-budget filmmaking that proves that even on a minor scale like this movie, Christopher Nolan was a smart and commendable filmmaker really to challenge himself with each new turn.

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