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How To Boost Your Brain Memory

Break Things Up

With very large numbers like pi—or a long sequence of cards, for example, it also helps to break things up.

Dellis turned each five digit chunk of pi into an image that he could easily remember. “Words are easy, you see a word and it typically evokes some kind of imagery in your mind. But things like numbers, or cards or even names are a little trickier,” he says. “And those have systems that we've developed and learned so that whenever we see a name or a number or a card, we already have an image preset for it.”

For Dellis, the first five digits of pi after the decimal point are represented by Sam Neill wearing an Iron Man suit (“It’s just the way it goes” he says). The second patch is represented by an image of his friend dressed as the emperor from the movie Gladiator, with his thumb down.

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