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How to find cheap flights ?

Because of the high price of flight tickets, every traveller wants to find out how to fly cheap. By knowing these tips you can save up to several hundred pounds! So, how to find cheap flights?

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With a comprehensive offer of different airlines, cheap flights to virtually any place in the world are at hand. How to buy flight tickets at an attractive price? The rule is simple - the earlier we book a ticket, the better price we get. It applies mainly to low-cost airlines, however, regular carriers usually also raise ticket prices a fortnight or so prior to the departure. It is best to book flight tickets approximately three or four months before the planned departure. However, it is also worth checking out cheap last minute or first-minute flights - this is a good option for those of us who can be flexible with travel dates. It is also good to remember about checking the price of flight tickets three days before or after the travel date we chose, as the difference may be significant.

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