The opening tapestry in Midsommar is full of foreshadowing


Before the film begins, we see a colorful, folksy tapestry covered with intricate designs. Sure, it looks creepy at first glance, but it's easy to assume that this was simply included to set the mood for the movie. However, if you happen to pause the film and closely examine the tapestry, you'd find that it reveals many important events to come. In fact, much of Midsommar's narrative is illustrated on this incredibly eerie tapestry.

On the left, you can see the bodies of Dani's parents and sister connected by a tube, with a skull looming above them, representing their deaths. Next up, a grieving woman and her partner walk with a group of friends to an idyllic community, where they're greeted by a crowd of villagers all dressed in white. Finally, there's the dance around the maypole — complete with a few skeletons among the dancers — and the subsequent banquet. You can even spot Pelle spying on Dani and Christian from his vantage point, two people dressed in white diving off a cliff, and a bear near the entrance to the village. In other words, Midsommar basically spoiled its own plot twists, but you wouldn't know it unless you watched the film twice.