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Wilmington’s Best Takeout and Delivery Restaurants

The best takeout and delivery restaurants in Wilmington- New York’s best takeout and delivery restaurants allow you to feast on the city’s best grub without leaving your couch

The best takeout and delivery restaurants in Wilmington

Wilmingtoners perhaps have never relied on takeout and delivery as much as this year. Luckily, our restaurants know how to do it right. When you're tired of cooking or don't want to worry about dining out, Wilmington’s best takeout and delivery restaurants have you covered—you can get anything from super-crispy fried chicken to top-rate Wilmington pizza delivered straight to your door without having to pause your Netflix binge. In fact, some of the Wilmington city's best new restaurants offer delivery services. And as a reminder, while there are plenty of delivery platforms out there, if you can order directly from a restaurant, it helps their bottomline. And don't forget to tip well!

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Best takeout and delivery restaurants in Wilmington

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